Terapia Cranio Sakralna Wrocław
Regenerating organism through touch.

One of the four types of manual treatment is craniosacral therapy, which was accredited by the World Health Organization. This therapy decreases ailments significantly, even after first visit.

What do we treat with craniosacral therapy?

Headaches and dizziness, migraines, eyesight and hearing problems, recurring otitis in children and adults, sinusitis, tension and pain in temporomandibular joint, mandible dislocation, occulusal problems
Spine-aches, back aches, radiculitis, sciatica, scoliosos, painful shoulder tension, post-traumatic injuries
Pschycosis, autism, concentration problems, personality disorders in children and adults, stress, depression, dyslexia, problems with learning and concentraction
Occulusal problems and teeth straightening

Craniosacral therapy additionally:

  • Has a calming quality and enhances functioning of our body
  • Deepens breath in asthma patients
  • Removes unidentified abdomen-aches
  • Enhances circulation of both lymphatic and circulatory systems
  • Removes postnatal injuries

How often should one have this therapy?

The duration and frequency depends on the patient’s general condition and the number of ailments cumulated in the body. Therapy should include minimum 5 visits, 2-7 days apart.